Business Development and Planning for 2019 Like a Pharmapreneur

An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Blair Thielemier, PharmD

“This special "Virtual Workshop" is a chance for you to focus on and map out your 2019 plans"

Blair shares her Business Development framework to help you set goals that get you to where you want to be in your business!

What You will Learn on the Day

Identifying challenges and brainstorming ways to move past them so you can achieve your goals. 
Exercises in goal-setting and strategies to stay focused on your Big Annual Goal.
Prioritizing your top 3 strategic objectives for each quarter.
Ways to monitor and measure your Monthly Metrics (key performance indicators in your business).
Executing a Weekly Action Plan that aligns with your Big Annual Goal, Strategic Quarterly Objectives and impacting your Monthly Metrics.

PLUS Join the Pharmapreneur Academy before December 31st and receive a complimentary copy of our "2019 Business Development Planner"

This 2019 Business Development Planner was created by a small business owner for other small business owners. 

Business development is so important, yet many small business owners have no written strategy to follow. We set goals, but many of us need a FRAMEWORK to follow when it comes to creating a plan to achieve them. 

This Planner lays out a strategy for prioritizing, setting and planning out your Business Development goals and objectives throughout the year. 

It includes prompts to help you:

-schedule your quarter "CEO Days"
-set Big Annual Goals
-prioritize Quarterly Strategic Objectives
-reflect on Monthly Metrics (Key Performance Indicators of business performance)
-plan Weekly Action Steps that align with all of the above

Dr. Blair Thielemier was a pharmacist in-between jobs when she decided to pursue a calling she'd been ignoring most of her life: entrepreneurship. Having no business experience, she invested in coaches, courses, workshops and conferences. Within 18 months, she built a six-figure business she loved. Blair credits laser-focus & goal setting as the keys to building your Dream Business. 

The Healthy Business Helix is a Business Development framework that helps small business owners consistently create, track and stay focused on their Big Annual Goals. This planner walks you through the Core Four Elements of Business Development in the Healthy Business Helix: Big Annual Goals, Quarterly Strategic Objectives, Monthly Metrics and Weekly Action Steps so you can build the Business of Your Dreams.

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